Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan with Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel

Pashinyan Gets Warm Reception in Luxembourg


LUXEMBOURG CITY, Luxembourg (Armenpress) — Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan and Prime Minister of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel on May 13 discussed a broad scope of cooperation, including issues of organization of business forums and cooperation in education, Pashinyan’s spokesperson Vladimir Karapetyan told reporters.

“The visit had an important goal, that is to develop political dialogue, emphasize our attitude towards Luxembourg, also discuss bilateral economic relations. I can say that the overall atmosphere of the meeting was very positive. There is mutual understanding between the two Prime Ministers,” Karapetyan said.

There are already a number of agreements. “The Prime Minister of Luxembourg is also responsible for the sphere of technologies and he gladly responded to the invitation of our Prime Minister to participate in the World Congress on Information Technology that will take place in October. We expect Luxembourg to participate with an adequate delegation”, Karapetyan said.

It was mentioned that Armenia thanks Luxembourg for its assistance to the country in a number of areas, particularly in the political direction.

Pashinyan visited the Chamber of Deputies where he spoke with Chamber President Fernand Etgen.

Pashinyan first signed the Golden Book of the Chamber of Deputies, after which he met with Chamber members, including Luxembourg Parliament Deputy Speakers Claude Wiesler and Henry Cox, as well as Chairman of Standing Committee on Foreign and European Cooperation, Immigration and Refugee Affairs Marc Angel.

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Welcoming the prime minister, Etgen expressed confidence that his visit to Luxembourg would promote the development and expansion of relations between the two countries.

Presenting the processes underway in Armenia, Pashinyan emphasized that democracy is irreversible in Armenia, and the  country will continue to develop and consolidate the democratic institutions.

“Our government and the political team are firmly heading along the path of democracy. We are confident that our efforts will result in Armenia’s full-fledged integration with the international community, which adheres to a democratic system of values. The processes that followed up the political revolution were aimed at this very objective, and we are convinced that we will succeed,” he said.

Pashinyan underscored that the political revolution will be followed by an economic revolution, and his government is taking steps to improve the business climate, create an investment-friendly environment by combating monopolies, implementing fundamental reforms and waging an anticorruption campaign.

Etgen that Armenia is an important partner for Luxembourg and his country is ready to closely cooperate and expand ties in different directions.

The Prime Minister of Armenia and the President of Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies went on to discuss ways of strengthening EU-Armenia cooperation, which has entered a new stage after the signing of the Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement (CEPA).

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