Fethiye Cetin speaking in Istanbul

Hrant Dink Remembrance Event Held in Istanbul


ISTANBUL (News.am) — A commemoration event devoted to the 11th anniversary of the assassination of journalist Hrant Dink, was held Friday, January 19, outside the former office of Agos weekly, which the late Dink had founded.

The Friends of Hrant organization as well as several NGOs coordinated the event.

Hrant Dink, the founder and chief editor of Agos, was gunned down on January 19, 2007, outside the then office of this newspaper.

Thousands gathered to remember Hrant Dink on the 11th anniversary of his death.

In 2011, the perpetrator, Ogün Samast, was sentenced by a juvenile court to 22 years and ten months for the murder.

After long court proceedings and appeals, however, a new probe was ultimately launched into this murder case, pointing the finger at numerous former and current senior Turkish officials’ complicity in this assassination.

Crowds flocked to the former address of Agos in Istanbul’s Shishli district, Hurriyet Daily News reported.

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Before the commemoration ceremony kicked off, police closed off the Haskargazi Street and side streets linking to it to traffic.

Police officers allowed people wishing to join the ceremony to enter through barricades, subjecting them to brief security searches.

Despite 11 years having passed, little progress has been made regarding Dink’s case.

Ogün Samast, who was aged 17 at the time of the shooting, was jailed for 23 years in 2011 for the killing. But speculation about the involvement of other groups inside and outside the state apparatus has persisted, and a number of slow-moving investigations are still ongoing.

Among the speakers was Fethiye Çetin, who said, “Let us become Hrant Dink, let us join arms, and embrace this huge world to put love in it. Come, let us become Hrant Dink, to form the broadest front for peace, democracy, a culture of living together and dialogue. We are of the kin, who since time immemorial, has fought for justice, freedom, equality and peace, we are of those who have sought to turn the hell they live in into paradise. We have done it before; we can do it again.”


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