Damascus Community Relatively Safe but Faces Water and Electricity Shortages


DAMASCUS (HayDzayn.am) – Bishop Armash Nalbandian, Primate of Damascus, declared in an interview on January 16 that during prior days, explosions rocked Syria, and Damascus in particular. Despite relative calm being reestablished, many critical issues remain, most urgent of which is the provision of water and electricity.

In certain areas of Damascus people have begun to sell drinking water. Electricity is limited to several hours daily. However, the bishop noted that some days ago the representatives of the state army and local armed groups came to an agreement, so that the water issue should soon be resolved.

The explosion in Damascus some days ago which took seven lives was a result of the attack by the Israeli air force. When asked about its significance, Bishop Nalbandian declared, “I think it would be unlikely for a clash or conflict to take place between Syria and Israel. According to Israeli declarations, they bombed because they had information that weapons were being transported. This rationale is not new. Other incidents also have taken place in the past.”

The bishop revealed that the Damascus Armenian community at this moment is relatively secure and has not suffered from the bombings. “Unlike Aleppo, where there is an Armenian neighborhood, in Damascus Armenians live throughout the city. This situation permits Armenian institutions, schools, other educational bodies, [and] clubs, to continue their activities, but modestly, not like before. When we hear that this or that issue has been solved or will soon be solved, we are filled with optimism,” he said.

He added that during New Year and Armenian Christmas, celebrations had been organized in all the Armenian clubs and many Armenians participated.

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