Painting Donated to TCA Center in Beirut


The painting by Missak Khosdeghian donated to the Beirut TCA Center

BEIRUT — Missak Khosdeghian (1915-1971) was an educator who had a deep appreciation for art and music. Khosdeghian’s paintings were on view at the art exhibit in April 1965, which was organized by the Tekeyan Cultural Association in Beirut, Lebanon, for the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

Now, the widow of the artist, Lydia Khosdeghian, donated a painting by her late husband to the Tekeyan Cultural Association, on the occasion of the 95th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. Her wish is to have her late husband’s art displayed in the museum at the Tekeyan Center.

Detail of Missak Khosdeghian’s painting

Missak Khosdeghian was born in Van in 1915, and he dedicated his life to teaching and the arts. During World War II and until 1954, he taught Armenian language, literature and history with Hagop Oshagan at St. James Seminary and at the Holy Translators School in Jerusalem. From 1954 until 1970, he settled in Jbeil, Lebanon, where he continued to teach at the Birds’ Nest Orphanage (Terchnots Puyn) and the Marist Brothers’ School. During this period, he exposed his students to his world of painting and music. He cultivated his passion for the arts in his studio, where he spent long hours painting canvases and making music. Many of his paintings capture still life and landscapes inspired by the Lebanese shoreline and village life. He also delighted everyone who had the pleasure of hearing performances of his band of musicians. In October 1970, he accepted a position at the Murad Rafaelian Mekhitarist School in Venice. He continued to teach despite his deteriorating health until his untimely passing in May 1971. He is remembered by his family and his students as a passionate teacher who instilled in them a love of Armenian culture and the arts.

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