Alicia Sargsyan Serrano on piano

Alicia Sargsyan Serrano Wins Prizes for Saxophone and Piano in Spain


VILA-REAL (Valencia), Spain — Young Spanish-Armenian musician Alicia Sargsyan Serrano, 16 years old, during the weekend of April 27-28, won a double prize, First Prize Honorable Mention in Piano, playing The Lark, a piece by Mily Balakirev and an Artist Prize in saxophone with Divertimento, a piece by the composer Roger Boutry. The contest took place in Ciudad Faura (Valencia, Spain). Alicia participated in Category E (15-16 years old) on both days. On Saturday, April 27, she performed on the piano, and Sunday, April 28, she performed on the saxophone.

Alicia Sargsyan Serrano on saxophone

Almost four years ago, the Mirror-Spectator wrote about her participation in the second phase of the Online Music Performance Competition I of Buñol, a town in the province of Valencia, Spain, in June 2020. She ended up winning first prize by public vote.

Currently, Alicia is studying at the Francesc Peñarroja Professional Music Conservatory, in the city of Vall d’Uixo, Castellón (Valencia, Spain). Her piano teacher is Patricia Orenga and her saxophone teacher is her mother, Pilar Serrano Poles, with whom she lives in Vila-Real. Alicia is preparing to study for a higher degree in France soon, with renowned professors.

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