Armenian Foreign Minister Mirzoyan, left, with Uruguayan Foreign Minister Omar Paganini

Foreign Minister Visits Uruguay as Part of South American Tour


YEREVAN (Armenpress) —   On March 21, Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan held a meeting in Montevideo at the Uruguay Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The meeting was attended by Committee Chairman Jose Carlos Mahia, members of the committee representing various political parties, as well as members of the Armenia-Uruguay Parliamentary Friendship Group.

According to the readout issued by the foreign ministry, a wide range of issues were discussed during the meeting.

Mirzoyan touched upon the process of democratic reforms in Armenia, emphasizing that adherence to democratic principles is aimed not only at strengthening Armenia’s sovereignty but also at fostering closer relations with like-minded countries, including Uruguay.

Addressing the regional topics, Mirzoyan detailed the security situation in the South Caucasus and the efforts aimed at regulating relations with neighboring countries to establish lasting stability in the region.

He also presented the key issues currently in the draft agreement aimed at regulating relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The resolution of these issues, according to the Armenian side, is based on well-known principles: a clear commitment to territorial integrity and the inviolability of internationally recognized borders.

In the context of the development of the South Caucasus and the best use of logistical advantages, Mirzoyan emphasized the opportunities provided by unblocking regional economic and transport channels based on the principles of respecting sovereignty and jurisdiction, equality, and reciprocity.

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Mirzoyan, addressing the messages of the international community during a challenging period for Armenia, added: “I am also here to express our gratitude for the principled positions that you have expressed at various times on issues that are priorities for Armenia.”


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