Hovnanian Fellowship Extends iGorts Impact Beyond Yerevan


YEREVAN — The H. Hovnanian Family Foundation, in collaboration with the Office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs, announced recently the launch of the iGorts in the Regions program. Building upon the success of the iGorts Fellowship initiative, this program aims to decentralize expertise by placing skilled professionals in critical roles outside of Yerevan, specifically targeting the urgent needs of the regions.

The foundation is spearheading this initiative to ensure that resources are directed to areas where they are needed most. As part of this endeavor, five iGorts fellows will be stationed in the province of Shirak to address crucial priorities identified by local institutions. The selected professionals will assume diverse roles, ranging from architect-engineer and museum curator to tourism expert, cultural events manager, and dendrologist.

Effie Karadjian, a Canadian-Armenian repatriate, has already been accepted into the program and is currently working at the Gyumri municipality to enhance the city’s cultural life by developing events. “This initiative underscores our commitment to strengthening Armenia’s regional infrastructure and fostering sustainable development. The experience and expertise of individuals in the diaspora are invaluable assets in bolstering Armenia’s state institutions,” remarked Karin Yacoubian, Programs Manager at the H. Hovnanian Family Foundation.

Shirak has been selected as the pilot region for this program, with plans to expand its reach in the future.

“By deploying skilled professionals to regions like Shirak, we aim to catalyze positive change and drive progress where it is needed most,” Yacoubian added.

Since 2021, the Hovnanian Public Service Fellowship has provided funding for 24 iGorts participants across 12 distinct public sectors, allowing them to extend their participation in the program for an additional 12 months if they have demonstrated indispensability to their respective public institutions.

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Applications for the 2024 iGorts in the Regions program are now open and will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Armenian fluency and a one-year on-site commitment are just a few requirements for program eligibility. Candidates are invited to learn more and apply through the foundation’s website.

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