Guests listening to Zack Armen, front right, at the Armenian American Pharmacists’ Association mixer at Anoush’Ella restaurant (photo Aram Arkun)

Armenian American Pharmacists’ Association Holds Summer Mixer at Anoush’Ella


BOSTON — The Armenian American Pharmacists’ Association (AAPA) held a summer social event at Anoush’Ella Saj Kitchen in Boston on June 11. Anoush’Ella provided the appetizers while Storica Wines made it possible for the guests to sample four types of Armenian wines. Both were event cosponsors.

Garo Sakaian (photo Aram Arkun)

Garo Sakaian spoke briefly on behalf of AAPA while Zack Armen, founder of Storica Wines, provided a little background on the mission of his company. Officially founded 4 or 5 years ago, it only made its first hires 2 ½ years ago, and now it is available in 26 different states, and on all 24 of the ships of Carnival Cruise Line’s North American fleet.

Zack Armen of Storica Wines (photo Aram Arkun)

Simon Baiatian, one of the early hires of Storica Wines, poured wine for guests, including a good mix of students, veteran pharmacists and others in the health care industry, while providing insights into the qualities of the four types of wine available that evening.

Simon Baiatian (photo Aram Arkun)

Sossy Yogurtian, AAPA president, later declared: “Tonight’s event is a start of many ideas that AAPA has to further our vision of using our 42-year-old organization as a platform to give our health care professionals and students educational, networking and socializing opportunities to meet, interact and help each other. We hope tonight would be the first step in accomplishing that goal.” She added that the organization planned to hold such social events quarterly.

Sossie Yogurtian (photo Aram Arkun)

Sakaian at the event had also announced that AAPA is planning an educational lecture by Dr. Donna Bartlett, the author of Med Strong, for October 5 at the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) center in Watertown. The topic will be better health through deprescribing. More information will be presented as the time gets closer.

The AAPA committee members responsible for organizing this event included Garo Sakaian, Taline Kebadjian, Bob Kademian, Sossy Yogurtian, and many others.

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