Topic: Armenian wines

YEREVAN — While winemaking in Armenia is a fabled tradition going back 6,000 years, it was abruptly halted due to the centralized Soviet economy decreeing a focus on brandy instead. Only restarting in the years after independence,[...]

WATERTOWN — The International Center for Agribusiness Research and Education (ICARE) has been providing agribusiness and agriculture education since 2005 based in an office and classrooms on Teryan Street in downtown Yerevan belonging to[...]

PARIS — When a French person is wondering about which wine would be the best to drink with a “boeuf bourguignon” (a French meat ragout), Shant Zadourian always advises the Tushpa one. This red wine comes from the Haghtanak field, in[...]

It was Winston Churchill who made Armenian brandy famous. When Stalin introduced him to it at Yalta, he was immediately hooked. One story has it that, when asked to explain how he had managed to stay so healthy at an advanced age, he[...]