Gacia Tachejian (Photos courtesy Laidrey)

Gacia Tachejian Opens Laidrey in Tarzana: Ethically Sourced, Meticulously Roasted, Freshly Brewed


TARZANA, Calif. — An attractive new coffee shop and in-house roastery opened on January 7, 2022 in Tarzana, with free drip coffee to all who stop by. Laidrey, that has been serving customers since last fall out of a modified coffee cart while the space is fully built out, is the brainchild of co-owner and roaster Gacia Tachejian, and is located at 18600 Ventura Boulevard. It’s the first coffee shop for Gacia, a behavioral research scientist by trade who transitioned into working a coffee cart in the San Fernando Valley last summer during the ongoing pandemic. She’s now roasting beans sourced directly by her, and selling a full menu of brewed coffees, specialty drinks, espressos, and food items like specialty toasts from a 2,200-square-foot cafe and roasters.

Gacia grew up in Reseda in a large Armenian family. She says that’s where she learned to appreciate traditional Armenian and Turkish-style coffee. While working as a behavioral researcher, she couldn’t find the kind of coffee she loved so she began roasting her own. That led to a coffee cart that was so successful that in December 2021, she opened Laidrey, a brick-and-mortar cafe in Tarzana.

“I wanted to create an inviting, warm atmosphere with lots of space to walk around and not feel cramped,” Gacia told Daily Coffee News. “We left a lot of open space at the order and pickup counters so that customers can spread out and feel safe. We want to establish our own coffee brand recognized as the highest quality coffee that is ethically sourced, meticulously brewed, and freshly roasted.”

Inside of Laidrey

Gacia adds, “At Laidrey, we bring you the highest quality specialty coffee from around the world. Quality guides every aspect of our process. It begins with partnering with passionate coffee farmers who sustainably harvest their crops and hand pick each coffee cherry.  We feature seasonal coffees from various regions to bring you the best possible coffee during its most fruitful season.”

“Laidrey began long ago in my home garage, where I was roasting coffee for myself, friends, and family. I had initially discovered my love for specialty coffee in New York while attending grad school. I moved back to my hometown of Tarzana from New York in 2013 and got a job at UCLA working as a project manager for clinical trials in behavioral health. On my way to work every day, I struggled to find good quality coffee. So, I started roasting coffee myself on a small 1-pound Behmor Roaster in my garage. I had no idea how much I would enjoy roasting. It became a slight obsession and my husband was intrigued. We started handing coffee out to friends and family. I was pleasantly surprised at all the positive feedback and excitement for what I was doing. I’d also give some coffee to my boss and mentor at UCLA who I had worked with for over eight years. She encouraged me to follow my passion and always provided me with great insight and advice. I spent time with her and her husband (who is an expert in the beverage industry) and they would advise me on how to expand on my passion. Fast-forward four years later, and the three of us partnered together to start Laidrey. I feel proud and blessed to be able to bring my passion to my neighborhood.”

Monkey Toast at Laidrey’s: Almond or peanut butter, sliced bananas, honey drizzle, cinnamon sprinkle – served on brioche toast (Photos courtesy Laidrey)

“We serve delicious pastries inside as well as a carefully curated breakfast and lunch menu. Our roastery is the first of its kind in the west San Fernando Valley. We are excited to provide a fully immersive coffee experience that will include holding public cuppings for our customers and showcasing our coffee roaster in our shop.”

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Laidrey began as a pop-up coffee cart in Tarzana after owner Gacia Tachejian developed a love for coffee in grad school in New York

“We decided to open our roastery during the middle of a worldwide pandemic so there have been some unique challenges. We knew it was going to be a tough road but we were committed to bringing our passion for coffee to our local community and decided to start building with the new ‘normal’ in mind. We found a perfect location that has the ability to serve customers both inside and outside, through a take-out window and a newspaper stand allowing us to bring our coffee to our customers in a safe way. We added mobile ordering with curbside pick-up to make the experience as smooth as possible. To reach beyond our local community we’ve incorporated a subscription option allowing us to directly ship our freshly roasted coffee anywhere in the world every month to our customers,” she adds.

“At the core of our new coffee roastery, we work to continuously offer the best coffee beans in the world that not only taste amazing but are sustainably grown and ethically sourced. Once we find the coffee we love, we have to be quick in reserving. For our opening, we were very lucky to be able to source Puno coffee from a small region in Peru which is some of the best coffee in the world. We use our Peru coffee in our cold brew because we believe it highlights all the delicious vanilla and brown sugar flavors.”

“In terms of the roastery, we believe we are bringing something new and unique to our community where specialty coffee shops are rare and roasteries do not exist. We plan to give customers a fully immersive and transparent coffee experience where they can watch coffee being roasted, packaged, and brewed. Our mission: Ethically Sourced, Meticulously Roasted, Freshly Brewed. Not only do we pay careful attention to our coffee beans, we also locally source ingredients for our menu items. Every ingredient, even our Vanilla syrup (half Madagascar half Tahitian) is carefully curated in order for our customers to have the highest quality ingredient in every cup. We bring a set of unique drinks such as our Beach Brew and Maple Oat latte. Both have been a summer favorite on our cart.”

Gacia Tachejian and her family in Tarzana (Photos courtesy Laidrey)

“Our day jobs are very different: Marisa is a molecular biologist, Paul is a successful entrepreneur in the food and beverage industry, and I am a social worker turned coffee roaster. Yet we all share a love for coffee and our local community. Coffee has always been a part of our daily work life and at home as parents with young kids. Coffee is our sanctuary. A sip of delicious coffee in the midst of a chaotic morning with little ones running around or a long commute can be all we need sometimes. We know what it’s like to anticipate that yummy coffee and get disappointed when it does not taste as good as you were expecting.”

“This is where my interest in coffee started,” she says, “which led to me roasting at home and eventually becoming my true passion. As I started to think about a possible coffee roastery, Paul began helping me on the operations side and together we saw a foundation of a great business venture – this is how Laidrey was born. Throughout our coffee journey our families have been a huge source of inspiration and when it came time to naming our business, we knew exactly what name to choose. Our children’s names are Leo, Aiden, and Audrey and together their names make Laidrey.”

The famous Avocado Toast at Laidrey (Photos courtesy Laidrey)

“Success is being able to do what you love for a living and doing it in a way that can help make a difference in the world. As a coffee roaster, my passion lies in what I do but in every step of our business, we have made conscious decisions to make a positive impact. It starts with sourcing coffee from farms that use sustainable methods in harvesting and processing coffee plants and beans. We work to pay a premium for our coffee beans so that equitable pay and equal opportunity is given to coffee farmers who happen to be 70 percent women. We source from farms that give back to their communities, through supporting local education, health care, or community projects. We hope to grow big enough to use our proceeds to give back to our coffee community around the world.”

Coffees, sandwiches and fresh pastries are a main attraction


Join the Laidrey family by subscribing to their exclusive online program where you can receive their seasonal coffees on a monthly or biweekly basis, go to:

Customize your box to get their seasonal coffees based on your roast preference and your home brewing style.

Select your home brewing style and roast preferences.

Select surprise me under your roast preference and Laidrey will surprise you with their latest and greatest coffees.

Each bag includes 12 oz. of whole coffee beans.

For wholesale orders, go to:

For online ordering and pick up, go to:

18600 Ventura Blvd.

Tarzana, CA 91356

Hours: Monday to Sunday 7 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Order online for pick up at our pick-up window.



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