Vardan Margaryan

Agricultural Aid Programs Continue in Vardenis


VARDENIS, Armenia — Agricultural support programs have been launched in Gegharkunik Province’s enlarged Vardenis community, which contains 18 villages and 1 city. Based on the damage suffered due to adverse weather conditions in 2022, the region has started preparing aid packages that will mitigate the aftereffects.

Davit Shahnazaryan, member of the Vardenis Community Council, said, “Now, for example, in all the settlements of our community, we are counting how many hectares of seeded areas were damaged, how many were damaged by hail, how many were frostbitten, and accordingly we are preparing a support program so that the villagers can sow next year as well.”

Davit Shahnazaryan

Shahnazaryan notes that in addition to that program, they are planning to provide 120,000 drams to the villagers who plant high quality types of seeds in their fields. “This will be a direct insurance expense, so to speak, because the high-quality seed is a little expensive,” Shahnazaryan added.

Vardan Margaryan, another member of the council, said that they are now counting how many severely disabled people there are in the community, how many have families with numerous children, and how many of these are unable to sow grain on their own.

“We will consider everyone and we will definitely be helpful. There should be equality in our community. The abovementioned groups in particular are at the center of our constant attention,” said Margaryan.

The members of the council also said that the support programs will be ongoing also in the form of loans.

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“Since wheat does not grow as well in our region as, for example, in Armavir Province, every year we try with state assistance to help the villagers with fertilizer,” the council members said. They remarked that after the 44-day war, Azerbaijan occupied thousands of hectares of fertile lands in Artsakh, so that now more than ever it is necessary to pay attention to grain reserves, so that we have as much bread supplies as possible.

“We are a country at war, and in addition to social problems, there may be a need to supply the army with additional food at any moment. We also take that into account,” Margaryan said, adding that support programs will increase yearly.

The members of the Community Council observed that there are many hectares of unfarmed land in the community, which they are now concretely attempting to get cultivated. Shahnazaryan declared: “Those uncultivated lands do not bring us honor, because, first of all, there should be no uncultivated land in Armenia. Besides, if the land is not cultivated, no tax is paid, not to mention that if it is not cultivated, the potential of our bread stock decreases. Therefore every centimeter of land must be cultivated.”


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