Dr. Ohannes Geukjian

ARF Hosts Event in Support of Artsakh


WATERTOWN — The Boston Sardarabad Gomideh of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation is hosting an event in solidarity with the Armenians of Artsakh and their struggle for the right to self-determination, and to live freely and in peace on their lands.

Titled “The Future of Artsakh: An Existential Matter for Armenians Worldwide,” the event will be held at the Armenian Cultural and Educational Center (47 Nichols Ave.), on Thursday, May 5 at 7 p.m. The event is open and accessible to the public.

Dr. Ohannes Geukjian will be the guest speaker at the event. Geukjian is the chair of the Department of Political Studies and Public Administration at the American University of Beirut. His work focuses on nationalism and national identity, ethnic conflict and violence, conflict management and conflict resolution, negotiation and mediation and political systems, in the Middle East, Russia and the South Caucasus. He has written extensively on the topic, having published four books, including The Russian Military Intervention in Syria (2022), Artsakh, Nationalism and Conflict in the South Caucasus: Nagorno- Karabakh and the Legacy of Soviet Nationalities Policy (2016), and Negotiating Armenian- Azerbaijani Peace: Opportunities, Obstacles, Prospects (2014).

In a statement the Boston Sardarabad Gomideh said, “The Armenian Government has embarked on a shortsighted policy of gifting Artsakh to Azerbaijan. It is not difficult to imagine the fate of the Armenians of Artsakh, should the current course of action continue. As concerned Armenian Americans, we cannot and must not sit idly by and let a government that grossly mismanaged an unprovoked war, resulting in loss of territories, over 4,000 dead and tens of thousands of injured and disabled Armenians, to make inept decisions followed by misjudged steps and diplomatic blunders that will adversely alter the future of our ancestral homeland and Artsakh. As survivors of the Armenian Genocide, we know the intentions of our enemies all too well, given our history in the region during the past 120 years.”


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