Gas pipeline in Karabakh (Armenpress photo)

Azerbaijan Again Cuts Gas Supply to Artsakh


STEPANAKERT (Public Radio of Armenia/Panorama) — Gas to the Artsakh Republic has been cut again due to the direct intervention of the Azerbaijani side, Artsakh’s Information Headquarters reported on Monday, March 21.

There are sufficient grounds to assume that during the repair works of the gas pipeline that exploded on March 8, the Azerbaijani side installed a valve, through which it stopped the gas supply hours ago.

Azerbaijan makes use of the unfavorable weather conditions to create additional humanitarian problems for the population of Artsakh.

The situation was immediately reported to the command of the Russian peacekeeping force stationed in Artsakh. The peacekeepers and the Artsakh authorities are making efforts to restore the gas supply.
Earlier, the gas flow to more than half of the customers in Artsakh had been restored, State Minister Artak Beglaryan said on March 20.

“Some 30-40 cm of snow fell in Stepanakert today. The snowfall was even heavier in other settlements of Artsakh, which is unprecedented for March. In such conditions, the population of Artsakh was deprived of natural gas for more than 11 days in a row due to artificial and deliberate obstacles created by Azerbaijan,” Beglaryan said.


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