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Shooting near Verin Shorzha Village, Azerbaijanis Lose Military Equipment


YEREVAN — On December 17 at about 17:00 Yerevan time, another incident took place at the line of contact between Armenian and Azerbaijani troops, which ended in an intense shootout. There were no casualties among the Armenians.

According to our local sources, Azerbaijani military equipment neutralized by Armenian forces was in the area of Verin (Upper) Shorzha Village of Armenia’s Gegharkunik Province from November 16, while in the Jermuk sector of Vayots Dzor damaged equipment belonging to the Armenian army was located which had been struck by Azerbaijani bands on that same day. Approximately one month later, through the mediation of the command of Russian troops, an agreement had been reached to exchange military equipment located in neutral zones.

According to the agreement, the exchange should have taken place on December 17. The Azerbaijani armed forces sent equipment to remove their previously damaged equipment, but at the same time did not allow the Armenian side to evacuate its equipment in the Jermuk area, as Armenian soldiers doing their military service in Verin Shorzha informed.

As the result of provocatory actions of the Azerbaijani side, shooting took place between the two sides. Consequently, the Azerbaijan armed forces not only were unable to remove their damaged equipment, but also lost the equipment they intended to use for the removal.

Hakob Avetyan, the outgoing administrative head of the nearby Geghamasar enlarged community, describes Azerbaijan’s actions as dishonest. He exclaimed: “This speaks of Azerbaijan being a low-class, terrorist state. The world must see all this, analyze it and give a clear assessment.”

This author tried to get information from the Ministry of Defense, but it refused to comment.

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