Memorial Service Dedicated to Martyrs of War


ECHMIADZIN — On November 9, a requiem service was held at St. Gayane Monastery presided over by Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians, for the repose of the souls of the patriotic defenders killed in the 44-day Artsakh war.

Participating in the service were members of the Supreme Spiritual Council, members of the Mother See of Holy Echmiadzin were present at the ceremony.

Prior to the requiem service, Bishop Mushegh Babayan invited the clergy to pray for the peace of the souls of the martyred heroes.

At the end of the ceremony, on the occasion of November 9, Karekin II, Catholicos of All Armenians, addressed those present and the people.

“Dear pious people,

Last year, our patriotic life was shaken and shaken by the tragic events of the large-scale war waged by Azerbaijan against the Artsakh Republic with the support of Turkey and the involvement of terrorist groups. The martyrdom of many of our children, the loss of much of the homeland, and the grief and sorrow of new victims in the post-war period continue to grieve the hearts of our people.

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A year ago, on this day, November 9, thanks to the efforts of the international community, especially the authorities of the Russian Federation, it was possible to stop the Azerbaijani aggression, the consequences of which posed serious security, economic and social challenges for our people.

Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II

The way to solve the problems facing us is to alleviate the sorrow and disappointment that has befallen us. It is our sacred duty to face these severe trials with dignity, maintaining the love and devotion of the children of our people to the homeland, caring and national values, contributing to the progress of Armenia and Artsakh, strengthening the zeal for the unity of our people around the world. The current difficult situation brings the imperative to all the children of our people, the authorities, social and political structures to unite around the supreme national-state interests, to create a healthy atmosphere of national solidarity, trust, committed cooperation, and pursue the country’s challenges through dialogue. Only then can we straighten our bent back, turn pain into strength,

Our Holy Church will continue its daily rescue mission in Armenia, Artsakh, Diaspora communities to strengthen the Armenian faith and the optimistic spirit of the future, love and devotion to the homeland with its dioceses and pious children, helping to heal our country’s wounds for the strengthening of peace and brotherhood. “Let us pursue the building of peace with one another,” says the apostle (Rom. 14:19). Indeed, peace will be established in the homeland, the efforts to build a bright future will be fruitful, when hatred and intolerance are rejected from the national life.

Today, from the care center of all Armenians, from Holy Echmiadzin, the members of the Supreme Spiritual Council, the Congregation of the Mother See, together with our faithful people, we pray for the peace and stability of our homeland, Armenia, Artsakh. We pray to the Most High Lord for the fallen heroes of the defense of the homeland, that the Merciful God may grant peace to their souls in the heavenly blissful floors – consolation to the bereaved families, a speedy return to the captives, the missing. We ask for the Lord’s help and the protection of the Holy Right to our children living in the homeland and all over the world.

May the grace and blessing of the Lord be with our country and our people, now and forever. Amen. ”


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