Taleen Postian

Taleen Postian Concludes ASA Journalism Internship at Mirror-Spectator


WATERTOWN — The Armenian Mirror-Spectator is very pleased to have worked with Taleen Postian, a talented intern from New York, this summer. As in previous years, the financial support of the Armenian Students Association Journalism Internship Program, making this position possible, is greatly appreciated.

Postian is an Armenian-American writer from New York who currently is attending Villanova University, where she writes for her college newspaper, the Villanovan. She has published poetry in Hyebred magazine as well as Moonstone Art Center’s New Voices anthology.

In addition to journalism and poetry, she has published scientific literature through the International Young Researchers’ Conference.

Postian has been involved in various aspects of the Armenian community, including her local Armenian Church Youth Organization of America and Armenian Youth Federation chapters, and summer camp at St. Nersess Seminary. She also wrote some articles on the 2020 Artsakh war for her campus newspaper.

She said, “That taste of being published as a journalist led me to take the internship with the Mirror-Spectator. And I am very happy I did. As the summer intern for 2021, I learned how to write and work within a professional and historic newspaper environment. Through this internship I conducted my first sit down interview as a correspondent, an experience I learned a lot from in terms of preparation, writing questions, scheduling, communication, conversation, and then of course actually turning that interview into an article.”

She also worked on the Instagram and Twitter accounts of the Mirror-Spectator, and said, “This was my first experience running the social media of an organization and I was excited to bring new tools and advantages to such a worthy cause.”

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She concluded, “My dedication and interest in the Armenian community and cause were further solidified by taking part in this internship and I am excited for where I can next employ what I learned at the Mirror-Spectator, hopefully for another worthy Armenian organization.”

The Mirror-Spectator looks forward to future articles from Postian whenever feasible, and encourages potential candidates for this internship to apply in advance (aram@mirrorspectator.com or alin.gregorian@gmail.com). We also are interested in interns or volunteers during the year with marketing and social media experience.

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