Garik Degoyan taking possesion of PVDL in Kavar from Dr. James Reynolds

ATG Delivers Portable Veterinary Lab to Armenia


FRESNO and YEREVAN — The fifth Portable Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (PVDL) was delivered to Armenia by the Armenian Technology Group, Inc. (ATG). This time the portable laboratory was stationed in Kavar, by Lake Sevan, in Geghargunik region of Armenia.

Garik Degoyan, head of Kavar regional veterinary services was excited to take possession of the latest PVDL. “I have been anxiously waiting to have received this amazing package since I first saw it demonstrated few years ago! We never had such flexibility and efficacy in our hands. This will be very useful to us; we can reach the farmers and provide fast service to their animal health concerns, no matter where they might be located.”

Dr. Reynolds presenting the PVDL to Garik Degoyan

The PVDL and its components were hand carried to Armenia by the president of the ATG Board of Directors, Dr. James P. Reynolds, DVM, MPVM, who had initiated the concept of PVDL and the executive director of the organization, Varoujan Der Simonian.

The Portable Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories enables local veterinarians to provide on farm and on-site veterinary services to domestic, cattle and dairy producing livestock, thereby helping prevent the loss of farm animals and subsequently farm income.

The PVDLs could be used by veterinarians to conduct an on-farm and on-site diagnoses of animals for Complete blood counts, including WBC and RBC; Culturing and incubation of bacteria; Fecal examinations; Staining and microscopy of tissues, fluids, bacteria and parasites; Semen analysis; Serum chemistries and Urinalysis.

“In celebration of our 30th anniversary in serving the people of Armenia, ATG is pleased to have stationed another PVDL in Armenia,” said Reynolds. “We believe these portable laboratories present the opportunity to significantly enhance the veterinary diagnostic capabilities of livestock industry in Armenia.”

Dr. Reynolds presenting the PVDL to Garik Degoyan

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The Armenian Technology Group was founded 30 years ago, in 1989, to assist the people of Armenia toward agricultural development. Since 2015 however, ATG has placed five PVDLs at the Regional Centers for Veterinary Services in Yerevan, Vanadzor, Ijevan, Goris and Gavar.

During their trip representatives of the ATG board members met with Berg Tumanyan, DVM, the head of Central Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory in Armenia and Georgi Avetisyan, director of State Food Safety Services.

Avetisyan also oversees Veterinary Services, which, after restructuring of the government, these services were moved outside of the ministry and placed under direct supervision of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet. They visited with local veterinarians as well, and evaluated previously stationed PVDL sites.

ATG is a California based non-profit organization. Tax-deductible donations could be made on line through the organizations website [] or mailed to Armenian Technology Group, Inc. P.O. BOX 5929 Fresno, CA 93755.


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