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Akçam’s Book Killing Orders Translated into Armenian


YEREVAN (Armenpress) — The Armenian translation of the book by Turkish historianTaner Akçam, Killing Orders: Talat Pasha’s Telegrams and the Armenian Genocide, has been published. The book presents unique telegrams that refute the main thesis of Turkish denialism.  They prove that there have been orders for killings given by Talat Pasha. The author assures that the study and publication of the documents are the greatest blow to the Turkish denialism.

Prof. Taner Akçam of Clark University
Prof. Taner Akçam

The book was presented on April 22 at the Armenian General Benevolent Union center. The book is published by Newmag printing house.

“In the scientific circles the thesis that Talat Pasha’s telegrams are mainly unconfirmed documents prevailed and many did not even initiate to check again the history and find out the truth through the telegrams. Akçam set to that work and did it”, translator of the book Andranik Israelyan said, adding that he admired the professional skills of the writer. “Akçam examined even the sorts of paper used then, the types of coding. He checked if the people mentioned in the telegram really existed or no”, the translator said.

The editor of the book, Armen Sargsyan, said that the book emphasizes that the Armenian Genocide started to be denied from the first seconds of its implementation.

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