Simon Martirosyan with some of the toys destined for the children of Aleppo

Weightlifting Champ Has Giant Heart


YEREVAN (Armenpress) — Two-time European Weightlifting Champion Simon Martirosyan has joined the We are With You humanitarian campaign of the Armenian Center For Humanitarian De-Mining and Expertise.

According to the organization’s spokesperson Nazeli Elbakyan, Martirosyan had learned about the campaign before departing for the European Championship and had vowed to participate and personally hand over toys to organizers for sending to children of Aleppo, Syria.

Olympic Games Champion, European and World Greco Roman Wrestling Champion Arthur Alexanyan also joined the campaign recently, along with lawmakers, government officials, students and others.

The donated gifts, toys, books and other items will be sent to the children of the Armenian community of Syria.

The Armenian Center For Humanitarian De-Mining and Expertise has currently more than 80 medics and de-miners dispatched in Aleppo.

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