Richard Bezjian

Tech Trailblazer Richard Bezjian to Chair COAF Armenia Board


YEREVAN/NEW YORK — Children of Armenia Fund (COAF) announced this week the appointment of Richard Bezjian, founder of Energize Global Services (EGS), as chairman of its Armenia Board of Directors.

Bezjian is a Yerevan-based software developer and businessman. He has been at the forefront of modernizations in graphic design, integrated software solutions, e-commerce and secure banking solutions. His leadership in diverse sectors and disciplines will allow for Bezjian to build upon the momentum of a remarkable year for COAF.

Bezjian received degrees in electrical engineering and computer design from Northeastern University in Boston. His career spans three decades of innovation, beginning with his first company Graphics Software, Inc., to the establishment of Boomerang’s R&D Center in Armenia in 1990. Recognizing a potential for growth in 2007, Bezjian moved his wife, Roubina, and three children to Armenia and founded EGS. This new endeavor set the standard for technological innovations in a newly developing entrepreneurial space, in an emerging region. As of 2018, EGS has grown to a company of 300+ engineering consultants, making it one of the largest and longest-thriving tech companies of the region. EGS provides services in financial technologies, e-commerce, payments, mobile banking and many other domains.

“Richard Bezjian’s leadership and outstanding credentials will be key to our next phase of advancement,” said COAF Founder and Chairman Dr. Garo Armen. “I look forward to working with Richard closely to take COAF and our innovative COAF SMART initiative to new heights for the benefit of the young generation and broader rural villages,” he continued, “strengthening the communities of rural Armenia catalyzes the growth of Armenia’s economy and ensures a peaceful and prosperous future for our country.”

“The innovative approach, the enormous efforts and funding by COAF and COAF SMART in the development of communities in Armenia is immense,” noted Bezjian following his appointment. “This is a trendsetting movement, that many countries will one day adopt. I am honored to be the chairman of the board. For me, it is an opportunity to do good, for young kids, families, the country and the world.”

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