Tigran Hamasyan

Jazz Piano Sensation Tigran Hamasyan in Concert at Fresno State


FRESNO — Jazz pianist Tigran Hamasyan will perform in concert on Friday, October 19 at 8 p.m. in the Concert Hall on the Fresno State campus. The concert, part of the Philip Lorenz Memorial Keyboard Concert Series, is co-sponsored by the Armenian Studies Program of Fresno State and the Thomas A. Kooyumjian Family Foundation.

The award-winning Hamasyan fuses potent jazz improvisation with the rich folkloric heritage of Armenia. Nonesuch Records released Hamasyan’s third album “For Gyumri,” in February of 2018. A companion to last year’s “An Ancient Observer,” “For Gyumri” includes five additional songs. Hamasyan says of the pair of albums: “These songs are musical observations about the world we live in now, and the weight of history we carry with us.”

“He’s the hottest pianist in jazz, and he likes to mix things up, whether it’s bebop, thrash metal, or dubstep. But his heart is in the folk music of his native land, Armenia” (The Guardian, London). The legendary Herbie Hancock extolled, “A-may-zing! Now, Tigran, you are my teacher!”

Tickets may be purchased online at the following website: http://www.keyboardconcerts.com/special-events.aspx.

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