Photo credit, Thomas Kierok, Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH Pictured: Davit Davtyan (Counselor of the Republic of Armenia in Germany; 2nd from left), Florian Stahl (Senior Manager Route Development & Destination Management, Germania, 4th from left), John Mohrmann (Aviation Management, Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH, 5th from left ), Ashot Smbatyan (Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia in Germany, 6th from left), Vrezh Kardumyan (secretary of the Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia in Germany, 7th from left) with the crew.

From Berlin to Yerevan — Direct


BERLIN — The revolutionary developments in the Republic of Armenia have sparked enormous interest in Germany and a new air link between the two capitals promises to fuel that interest even more. Germania, an independent German airline, has proudly announced that its first direct flight from Berlin to Yerevan took place last weekend. Plans are for a weekly flight and at affordable prices. Until now, visitors from Germany have had to fly with stopovers, for example, in Vienna, Moscow, Prague or Kiev.

“With the Berlin-Yerevan connection, we have found an interesting new destination, and we expect the demand to be great,” said Florian Stahl, Senior Manager of Route Development of the airline. “Here we are focusing on the potential in tourism as well as the interest of travelers to visit friends and relatives.”

As a Germania press release explains, there are numerous special attractions in Armenia, which is the oldest Christian nation in the world. “Armenia offers UNESCO world heritage sites,” the release continues, “like the ruins of the Zvartnots Cathedral and the cloisters in Haghpat and Sanahin…” It also mentions that from Yerevan one can enjoy the view of “Mount Ararat, which according to the Bible, is where Noah’s Ark landed in the Flood.”

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