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մեծ ոգևորությամբ ցանկանում ենք ձեզ հետ կիսվել “ԿԱՊ”-ի և “ՀԲԸՄ ԿԱՏԱՊՈՒԼՏԻ”-ի համագործակցությամբ: Այսպիսով, ապրիլի 26-ից 28-ը[...]

AGBU’s Katapult Creative Accelerator Program is pleased to invite you to the launch of Beyond Data: An Exhibition on Armenia’s Creative Economy. The exhibition marks the culmination of our two-year[...]

MEDFORD, Mass. — The Joyce Cummings Center at Tufts University, on Friday, October 27, was the site of the journalists’ panel sponsored by the Armenian Mirror-Spectator, kicking off its 90th[...]

Spending a few weeks in Armenia gives one the benefit of access to the ongoing processes that generate the news. But ironically, that news is not always true. In Armenia,[...]

By Nestor Castiglione LOS ANGELES  — Since at least the death of Stravinsky, the composer has become an anonymous figure in the West, whether through willful academic seclusion on their[...]

By David Boyajian Astute observers know that Russia needs Armenia as much as Armenia needs Russia. Russia’s dependence on Armenia explains the Kremlin’s extra pressure on Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan[...]

Conflict and competition between the spiritual and temporal world are old trends in history and no nation is immune from them. A remarkable chapter in British history is the confrontation[...]

BILLERICA, Mass. — A little effort going a very long way is being seen in the tiny Armenian village of Arpunq, thanks in part to the financial generosity of the[...]

It is as if history and fate have been conspiring together to hit Armenia with a disaster every time it reaches a level of recovery. In the aftermath of the[...]

By David Boyajian We know that US ambassadors tend to be bureaucratic and boring. If you challenge them forcefully, however, the resulting outbursts can provide stunning insights into their ineptitude[...]