Rita Allen Balian

New Paths Hosts Book Club Meeting


BELMONT, Mass. — In early spring New Paths – Bridging Armenian Women (NP) launched its first successful book club meeting at the Phinix Grill with Rita Allen Balian, president of Rita B. Allen Associates, a national career management firm. Balian, a regular blogger for Huffington Post, is also the author of Personal Branding & Marketing Yourself. The book is designed for any profession, any industry and any discipline, is a great resource for individuals who are looking to develop and build their “personal brand” in today’s competitive environment.

From left, Rosalyn Minassian, Rita Allen Balian and Armine Hovhannissian

With more than 20 attendees, each individual shared their experiences and what a rare opportunity to ask questions on a specific chapter to the author of the book!

Balian summed up the evening by saying: “I enjoyed meeting the talented women of NP and engaging in powerful conversations, with such a range of professionals from varying industries including law, finance, government, healthcare, science, business, fashion, and the arts. I’m so impressed with the depth of expertise we have in our NP group! Thank you Armine Hovhannissian, Rosalyn Minassian, and to the NP book club committee for planning a great night. Thank you to Phinix Grill for their generous hospitality and a Big thank you to the NP members for coming and participating! I look forward to continuing the dialogue and wish them all the best in their journey of defining, building, and enhancing their personal brand!”

The participants enjoyed having their copy of the book autographed by Balian, and each woman received a bookmark designed and donated by local artist and designer of wearable art, Karine Abgaryan.

Abgaryan had donated the beautiful hand painted scarf which was presented to the author.

New Paths provides an online safe platform for women to engage in meaningful discussions and with local events, women can come together to share information and knowledge, provide mentorship opportunities and support to one another. We are creating a great positive impact individually and in our communities as a whole.

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Should you wish to participate in the book club contact Rosalyn Minassian via New Paths – Bridging Armenian Women Facebook official page. The next book will be announced after Labor Day weekend.

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