Armenia Ombudsman Urges International Condemnation of Azeri Shelling


YEREVAN (PanARMENIAN.Net) — Armenian human rights defender Arman Tatoyan has detailed Azerbaijan’s shelling of Armenian border villages of July 20-22 to the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights in a recent phone call.

According to the Ombudsman, Azerbaijani armed forces are specifically targeting civilian settlements and properties, opening fire towards community schools, kindergartens and houses.

In the phone call, Tatoyan said the international community must publicly condemn the targeted shelling of Armenian population by Azerbaijan.

Also, the human rights defender and the Commissioner’s office agreed that a complete overview of all the shootings and their consequences will be compiled and submitted to the Commissioner.

Azerbaijani troops opened fire towards the village of Barekamavan in Armenia’s Tavush province on July 21, between 11:00pm and 01:00am.

Also, the village of Chinari fell under Azeri shelling the same week.

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On July 21, the Azerbaijani side shelled Barekamavan village of Armenia’s bordering Tavush province.

As Jonik Mikaelyan, head of Barekamavan community, said in an interview, the Azeris opened irregular fire towards the village with two-hour time intervals.

“We did not suffer any casualties or damages,” he added.

Mikaelyan also informed that this is not for the first time Azerbaijan fires shots towards the village.

“We had many such cases previously, however shots were not fired towards the village in the past one year. Whereas, they [the Azerbaijani forces] open fire in the direction of the military posts almost on a daily basis,” the village chief said, adding that life proceeds normally in the village, with its inhabitants engaged in their daily struggles. “We are not a coward people,” he added.

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