Tiniest Patients with Biggest Problems Saved by Dr. Kris Guleserian


DALLAS — What is it like to hold the beating heart of a two-day-old child in your hand? What is it like to counsel distraught parents as they make some of the most difficult decisions of their lives?

Noted pediatric heart surgeon Dr. Kristine Guleserian has opened up her OR, and her career, to author Mark Oristano to create Surgeon’s Story: Inside OR-6 With of of America’s Top Pediatric Heart Surgeons.

Guleserian’s life, training and work are discussed in detail, framed around the incredibly dramatic story of a heart transplant operation for a 2-year old girl whose own heart was rapidly dying. Oristano takes readers inside the operating room to get a first-hand look at pediatric heart surgeries most doctors in America would never attempt.

That’s because Guleserian is recognized as one of the top pediatric heart surgeons in America, one of a very few who have performed a transplant on a one-week-old baby. Guleserian provided her expertise, and Oristano furnished his writing skills, to produce A Surgeon’s Story.

As preparation to write this stirring book, Oristano spent hours inside the operating room at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas watching Guleserian perform actual surgeries that each day were life or death experiences. Readers will be with her on her rounds, meeting with parents, or in the Operating Room for a heart transplant.

Oristano is a successful sportscaster and photographer and has made several appearances on stage as an actor. He wrote his first book A Sportscaster’s Guide to Watching Football: Decoding America’s Favorite Game, and continues to volunteer at Children’s Medical Center.

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“We hear a lot about malpractice and failures in medical care,” says Oristanto, “but I want my readers to know that parts of the American health care system work brilliantly. And our health care system will work even better if more young women would enter science and medicine and experience the type of success Dr. Guleserian has attained.”

Readers will find all the drama, intensity, humor and compassion that they enjoy in their favorite fictionalized medical TV drama, but the actual accounts in Surgeon’s Story are even more compelling. One of the key characters in the book is 2-year-old Rylynn who was born with an often-fatal disorder called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome; she was successfully treated by Dr. Guleserian.

Oristano is a graduate of Texas Christian University with a communications degree. He worked with famed football broadcaster Verne Lundquist in Dallas, spent a year as a news co-anchor with Oprah Winfrey in Nashville, and then on the Dallas Cowboys Radio Network, Houston Oilers Radio Network, for NFL Films, and then in the Cowboys’ public relations department. Oristano is a frequent public speaker giving talks on the game of football and his stories generated from his career.

Surgeon’s Story: Inside OR-6 With One of America’s Top Pediatric Heart Surgeon by Mark Oristano (ISBN 978-1-935953-77-7 March, 2017, 158 pages, $19.95) is available on Amazon and on the author’s blog http://surgeonsstory.com/ View the book trailer here: http://bit.ly/2jqHba5

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