Simple Liquids Battery Makes a Splash


By Hripsime Mkrtchyan

YEREVAN — A new type of battery, the Simple Liquids Battery (SLB), offers an ecofriendly, safe and easily-chargeable device for emergency power generation.

SLBs offer safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly electric power banks, which can be stored and activated when needed for emergency situations. They are energized by adding any of a number of commonly available liquids into the device. The batteries are light, flexible, easy to use, and safe; they can be conveniently taken on trips – even on airplanes.

The battery is activated by adding any of a number of liquids including saltwater, buttermilk, vinegar, tea, coffee, beer, rainwater, and even urine to the device. A hazardless chemical reaction then produces electricity, which may then be used to operate a cell phone, a light or other electrical devices.

The project is now in pre-prototyping process. The initial funding for the research phase of this project was made by Dr. Vahan Chakarian, the Founder and CEO of Technology and Science Dynamics (TSD) Company in Yerevan. The team consists of five specialists: two engineers, two physicists and an electrochemist. The business idea of the battery was developed during the special courses organized by New Technology Education Fund (NTEF), a charitable organization with a sister foundation in Santa Clara, CA. NTEF’s Armenian office promotes technology education and development in Armenia and Artsakh.

This year TSD participated in the Climate Launch Pad competition in Estonia, and the project was selected as one of the top 15 from a field of 88 semi-finalists.  There were initially about 1,000 startups from Europe.

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To learn more about the project, contact Levon Galstyan (, the Vice President of Technology & Science Dynamics.



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