Celebrating Saroyan in Fresno with Documentary


FRESNO — On the occasion of the Centennial Year of the Armenian Genocide, St. Paul Armenian Church will present the award winning documentary film, “William Saroyan: The Man The Writer,” on September 27.

The film is a one-hour documentary on the life and works of the renowned Armenian-American writer, playwright, humanitarian, Pulitzer Prize and Oscar winner, and US and USSR Commemorative Postal Stamp honoree, William Saroyan. Winner of 6 International Film Festival Awards, including a Gold Award for Best Documentary, the film has been shown in more than 60 cities in 19 countries worldwide and seen by more than 1 million people since 1991. The film is in the English language, subtitled in Armenian and narrated by William Saroyan and Mike Connors, music by Paul Nazlikian, written and directed by Paul Kalinian and produced by his daughter, Dr. Susie Kalinian.

The story begins in Fresno in the early 1900s and spans eight decades until the writer’s death in 1981. The film sheds light on Saroyan’s 60-year writing career, his message to the world and the undying love and passion he felt for both his native country as an American, and for the country of his forefathers, as an Armenian. In the film Saroyan discusses his cultural heritage and its importance and influence on his becoming a writer. He speaks for Armenians to the world, at a time when they remained dispersed and continued to meet with prejudice and outright hatred. Saroyan speaks passionately about the Armenian Genocide perpetrated by the Ottoman Turks in 1915 and the resilience of the Armenian people. His famous and widely quoted message about the Armenian Genocide is not only historically impressive, but very powerful and relevant to this day.


The film will be shown on Sunday, September 27, at 12:30 p.m. at St. Paul Armenian Church Hall located at 3767 N. First Street. The filmmakers will be present for Q&A session. Admission is free and refreshments will be served.


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