‘Where Is Your Groom’ Takes Search to Philadelphia Armenians



MEDIA, Penn. — The cast of “Where Is Your Groom? (Pesad Oor Eh)” performed for an enthusiastic crowd in a sold-out show at Delaware County Community College on January 31, in an event hosted by the St. Gregory Armenian Church of Philadelphia.

The comedic play, written and directed by Taleen Babayan, sheds light on relevant and significant issues facing both the younger and older generations of Armenians in the Diaspora, and tackles the themes of assimilation, cultural identity, and ethnic preservation.

“Where Is Your Groom? (Pesad Oor Eh)” crosses ethnic boundaries and delivers shared laughs as it follows the story of an Armenian-American family’s quest to find their daughter a suitable husband in this warm-hearted comedy that shows the lengths one family will go to in order to maintain their ethnic ties while living in America.

“Where Is Your Groom (Pesad Oor Eh)” is a laugh-out-loud comedy of the typical Armenian household,” said Norair Miller of Philadelphia, PA. ”It is a very entertaining, well done play with a hilarious script and I highly recommend seeing it.”

Fellow audience member Silvia Mashikian Manoukian echoed Miller’s sentiments.

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“Thank you to the cast for such an incredible performance and for a memorable night for the whole family,” said Manoukian. “Somehow every Armenian needs to see this show.”

The group’s Philadelphia performance marked its sixth since its debut at the off-Broadway The Players Theatre in New York City in October 2013. Following its initial performance, the cast has staged the production for Armenian communities across the country, including in California, Massachusetts, Maryland and New Jersey.

“It’s always an enjoyable experience to perform ‘Where Is Your Groom? (Pesad Oor Eh)’ but even more so in Philadelphia where the effusive spirit of the audience translated to us on stage,” said Babayan. “A special thank you to St. Gregory Armenian Church and to Lucinda Stamboulian, whose initiative and efforts brought our group to Philadelphia.”

The cast and crew consist of a group of exuberant young Armenian-American professionals from the New York/New Jersey community who have a desire to share the cultural elements of being Diasporan Armenians on stage in an entertaining manner.

“Taking part in an Armenian satire with familiar undertones in Armenian culture, family and humor was so amazing,” said Scott Toppi, who played the role of Paul, a seminarian who is set up by the family’s priest to meet Lara. “For me, the enthusiasm and vitality of the Philadelphia community truly brought the feeling and emotion of the play to fruition.”

“I had a great time with the ‘Pesad Oor Eh’ family performing our play at Delaware County Community College,” said Daniella Baydar, who played the matriarch Siroun. “The Philadelphia community and St. Gregory Armenian Church were very welcoming and the reaction from the audience was great. Another successful and rewarding show!”



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