Monsignor Andon Atamian’s Book Feted in Detroit


DETROIT — On Wednesday, October 23, the AGBU Alex and Marie Manoogian School,  the Cultural Society of Armenians from Istanbul (CSAI) and the Tekeyan Cultural Association of Detroit jointly organized a book launch ceremony honoring Monsignor Andon Atamian, pastor of St. Vartan Armenian Catholic Church, on the occasion of the publication of his book, Gaydz yev Ambrob.

A capacity audience attended, among them guests from Montreal and Toronto.

Dr. Nadya Sarafian served as the emcee.  Anahid Toumajan read excerpts from the book, while  Edmond Y. Azadian made an in-depth presentation of the book, both in Armenian and in English.

In his comments, Azadian said that Atamian’s book, at 254 pages, is titled Lightening and Thunder. Although it is a threatening title, he said, the content is most soothing and comforting because its lightening serves only to illuminate the human soul and the thunder dispatches his prayers to the Almighty. It is a book penned by an inspired orator to inspire his readership, he added.

The book is divided into three sections. In the first section the author delves into the complex misery of the Armenian people, touching almost all subjects: Mesrob Mashtots — creation of the alphabet; the Genocide; the resurrection of the independent republic; continued denial of the genocide by Turkey, etc.

The second part covers moralistic and religious topics: human condition, dilemmas in life and man’s relations with his creator.

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Atamian never contrasts his devotion to his creator with his commitment to his Armenian heritage.

The writer never pays lip service to moral values; he implements them in his daily life and he partakes them with the youth. His message is extremely convincing because he is sincere and he speaks from the heart, according to Azadian.

The last section of the book is dedicated to Iraq, once was a prosperous country which has since been reduced to ashes. Said Azadian, “he communicates with the remnants of the Armenian community decimated and tormented, with their churches destroyed, their lives scattered.”

He noted, “All in all, it is an inspirational book by an inspired pastor, addressed to the readers who wish to live morally healthy lives.”

Atamian gave the concluding remarks, which were very emotional.  He thanked the speaker, the program participants and the enthusiastic audience.  Then the clergy joined the author to baptize the book in wine.  Following the Kinetson, the women of the CSAI presented a lavish buffet.


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