Cemal Pasha’s Grandson Releases Book On Armenian Genocide


ISTANBUL (PanARMENIAN.Net) — The grandson of Cemal Pasha, one of the master- minds of the Armenian Genocide, has published a book titled 1915: The Armenian Genocide.

The news was first reported by Istanbul-based Agos weekly and confirmed by journalist Yavuz Baidar on Twitter.

“Armenians in Turkey were Russia-oriented and Turks had to kill them. That’s why the Genocide happened,” Hasan Cemal quotes his grandfather as saying in Munich in 1919.

Cemal is columnist at Milliyet newspaper. In 2008, he visited the Armenian Genocide memo- rial in Yerevan. His note in the memory book says: “To deny the Genocide would mean to be an accomplice in this crime against humanity.”

Ahmed Cemal Pasha was killed in Tbilisi in July 1922 by Stepan Dzaghigian, Artashes Gevorgyan and Petros Ter Poghosyan as part of Operation Nemesis for his role in the Armenian Genocide. His remains were brought to Erzerum and buried there.

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