Robert Chilingirian Performs in Jerusalem


NEW YORK — Armenian singer, musician and composer Robert Chilingirian has toured the world performing for Armenian communities in Beirut, Buenos Aires, Sydney and New York among many other cities. Recently, he returned from Jerusalem where he performed for the Opening-Day Ceremony of the Sts. Tarkmanchatz (Holy Translators’) Armenian School — located in the Armenian Quarter — on September 11. The celebration marked the start of the school’s 82nd academic school year.

While it had been 10 years since Chilingirian performed in Jerusalem, he found the Armenian community there to be as active and warm as he found it a decade ago. “It amazes me because it’s a very small community, but our presence as Armenians is so huge in the most sacred place in the world,” said Chilingirian, noting the many historic Armenian buildings and churches located in the “Old City” of Jerusalem.

Inspired by his recent trip to the Holy Land, Chilingirian penned a new song titled Yerusaghem (Jerusalem) accompanied by a music video he shot on location. The video follows Chilingirian as he goes to famous historical and religious sites in the city, including on the grounds of the famous Hayots Vank (Armenian Convent).

“It was just so deep,” said Chilingirian, who has been singing and composing music for over 20 years. “I was completely in another world when I was singing.”

Attendants praised Chilingirian’s performance and his ability to connect with the crowd, especially when he sang “Yerusaghem.” Students of the Sts. Tarkmanchatz Armenian School as well as alumni and others in the community were impressed with Chilingirian and his affable presence both on and off the stage.

“It was an amazing performance and it was wonderful to have such a talented performer among us,” said Harout Baghamian, a young professional who is very active in the Armenian community in Jerusalem “Robert Chilingirian’s presence was felt in our community and everyone enjoyed his performance from young to old.” For his part, Chilingirian says he is blessed to be invited to countries around the world to perform Armenian music, in particular a holy city like Jerusalem.

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“I love the Armenian community of Jerusalem and have a deep connection with my roots there,” said Chilingirian, whose father’s side of the family is from Jerusalem, a city he visited throughout his childhood. “They are so sincere, appreciative of art and kind at heart.”

The hard-working artist, who is based in Los Angeles, is currently recording his 21st album, which will be complete before the end of the year. He is also touring internationally and around the United States as well.

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—Taleen Babayan

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