Vartan Makes ‘Splash’ at Fashion Show/Celebration


By Dilani Yogaratnam
Special to the Mirror-Spectator

BOSTON — Fashion designer Samuel Vartan knows how to mix business with pleasure. For his recent “End of The Summer Fashion Show,” Vartan put together a show with the casual feel of a swanky, outdoor party, held on the roof deck of Splash Boston, Ultra Lounge and Burger Bar, located at 150 Kneeland St., on Friday, August 20.

Vartan said his main objective for this event was an opportunity to thank friends and fans for their support as well as celebrate the end of summer. “Typically, Europeans like to celebrate and pat each other on the back when they’ve had a successful year. They’ll find any excuse with food and wine to celebrate,” he joked.

Vartan consciously wanted to create this European party look to compliment the spring/summer line he was showcasing, which is based on a  Mediterranean, coastal resort lifestyle; some of the countries, which have inspired his Mediterranean line, include: Greece, Italy, Spain, as well as Morocco, Egypt, Beirut and Turkey, Vartan said. His fall/winter collection, “Dark City,” contrastingly is inspired by edgy, urban areas, such as Prague, Berlin and London, he said.

Adding to the summer atmosphere were the VIP booths lining the deck, which were partially covered in sheer white sheets, creating a cabana-like effect, as well as a small rectangular pool in the center, with three small fountains. Fashion photographer Todd Lee said of the Mediterranean line, “It reminds me of what the Mediterranean would be like. It always seems very airy and summery and makes me feel like I’m going on vacation.”

As the roughly 100 guests mingled, enjoying the view, people barely noticed that the show started “fashionably late,” closer to 8 p.m. The models descended a staircase and made their way down the makeshift runway, which was sectioned off by both the pool and a row of big white, plush couches, where attendants sat sipping cocktails and taking in the view.

Stylist April Graffeo, Indra Salon, Andover Mass., and assistant director Anthony Devito, Indra Salon

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Many of the dresses were extremely short, but so light and flowy as to make their flirtatious quality innocent. Some dresses were more traditional and long. While other styles were blatantly provocative, opening up like tents at the breastbone area; some of his designs are meant as swimsuit cover-ups and catered to those going on vacation, Vartan explained.

The models’ makeup and hair, done by Indra Salon, was also kept very simple. Most had long, flowing locks, and light make up.

The models occasionally flirted with some of the men, who stood but inches from them.

Vartan’s latest fashions were consistent in their sensuality and light fabrics, according to friend and business associate, Catherine Arnston, who is CEO of The Naughty Nutritionist.

Arnston was even sporting one of Vartan’s older designs, a thin, wispy, off-white cover up, which she called a summer bolero jacket.

“He’s gaining momentum and visibility in Boston. This is a great way for people to connect with his line,” she said. She also mentioned that he is finishing a new studio and that this current show was a warm-up for Fashion Week, which will be held next month.

After the show, guests continued to mingle, while soaking up one of the last nights of summer.

Vartan, who used to own an eponymous boutique in Brighton, now works from his studio in Cambridge, and sells his fashions wholesale to boutiques and clothing stores.

For more information on Vartan or his designs, visit A new website is in the works, where people will be able to purchase his fashions, he said.

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