MP Garo Paylan

Paylan and Other Parliamentarians in Turkey Under Indictment


ANKARA (Rudaw) — On May 28, an indictment was prepared by the government against 5 former members of parliament from the HDP Kurdish majority party, who were investigated due to the Kobani demonstrations in 2014.

An indictment was filed against former HDP MPs Hüda Kaya, Serpil Kemalbay, Fatma Kurtulan, Garo Paylan and Pero Dundar, who were investigated by the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office.

In the indictment sent to Ankara 22nd High Criminal Court, which recently decided the case against 108 defendants regarding the Kobani events, former HDP MPs Hüda Kaya, Serpil Kemalbay, Garo Paylan, Fatma Kurtulan and Pero Dundar were listed as “suspects.”

Garo Paylan and the other HDP deputies under indictment

The indictment alleged that Kaya, Kemalbay and Paylan, who were deputies at the time of the events, and Kurtulan and Dundar, who were deputies in their 27th term, were in unity of opinion and action with 108 people who were tried on the same grounds before the Ankara 22nd High Criminal Court, in initiating and carrying out the events of October 6-8, 2014.

In September of that year, Islamic State forces had attacked the city of Kobani, Syria, on the border with Turkey. Many of the residents fled across the border into Turkey. The Turkish government did not allow Kurdish volunteers to help their brethren across the border, and also used tear gas and water cannons to disperse the demonstrators.

The indictment stated that for these reasons, the people mentioned “should be responsible for the crimes committed as a result of the calls to action made as announced by the HDP Headquarters.”

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The 298-page indictment, which has now been sent to Ankara’s 22nd High Criminal Court, seeks aggravated life imprisonment on 29 separate charges for the five.


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