Matthew Miller

State Department’s Miller Says Turkey Can Help Armenia-Azerbaijan Normalization


WASHINGTON ( — On Monday, August 7, Matthew Miller, spokesperson of US Department of State, addressed the Armenian-Azerbaijan peace during his regular press conference. He noted that Turkey can play a positive role in the situation.

He said, “I don’t want to speak to it in detail — it’s a private diplomatic conversation — other than to say that we do believe that Turkiye has a productive role it can play in this,” he said.

In addition, Miller noted that he does not “want to speak with respect to Russia when it comes to Armenia and Azerbaijan.”

“I want to speak with respect to those two countries who are directly related—who are direct parties in this dispute.  We have been engaged directly with those countries; Special Envoy [Louis] Bono [i.e. Senior Advisor for Caucasus Negotiations of the US Department of State] traveled to the region last week and engaged directly with them.  And we believe, despite any comments from other countries who are not a party to this matter, that an agreement remains within reach, and we will continue to work with them to pursue it,” Miller added.



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