The Armenian flag now flies next to a metal cross in Anipemza

Tricolor Waves over Anipemza Border Village near Ani


YEREVAN — On March 5, in the village of Anipemza, in Shirak Province, the ceremony of raising the flag of the Republic of Armenia took place within the framework of the For the Homeland [Vasn Hayrenyats] national unity movement’s initiative, which can loosely be translated as “The Borders of the Brave Are Determined by the Flags They Plant.”

Carrying the tricolor with Ereroyk in the background

The flag was placed there under the patronage of the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party leaders Susana and Sergio Nahabetian of Argentina.

A plaque recognizing donors Susana and Sergio Nahabetian

The choice of Anipemza has a symbolic purpose. The village sits on one side of Akhuryan River, across the border with Turkey and the historic city of Ani, known as the city of one thousand and one churches. Anipemza itself is home to the church of Ereroyk, which was built in the 4th-5th centuries.

Map with location of Anipemza and Ereroyk

Before the raising of the flag, with the blessing of the Primate of the Shirak Diocese, Archbishop Mikayel Achabahian, Father Tatev Marukyan of the Shirak Diocese offered a mass and then blessed the flag and welcomed this national initiative. The tricolor was raised right in front of the Yereruyk Church, accompanied by the Armenian anthem.

The tricolor at the church of Ereroyk

Sevag Hagopian and Vahagn Chakhalyan, the co-founders of the For the Homeland national unification movement, Martiros Miroyan, the administrative head of Aniavan, residents of the community, and others spoke at the event.

Honored Artist of the Republic of Armenia Shushan Petrosyan spoke and sang at the event.

Honored Artist of the Republic of Armenia Shushan Petrosyan, holding the microphone

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The goal of the  initiative is to place the tricolor flag of Armenia on any visible hill in the border communities of the 9 provinces of the republic. The purpose is to symbolically delineate the inviolable borders of Armenia with its state flag, to further strengthen the preservation of the flag and the respect for it among Armenians, to further familiarize the general public with Armenian border villages through public events and resulting media reports, to contribute to the development of the given village, and to turn the residents of the Republics of Armenia and Artsakh, as well as those of the Armenian diaspora, into participants in this activity, with the intent of uniting them.

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