From left, Fr. Gomidas Mirzakhanyan, Andre Morin, Sona Lakhoyan, Michelle Setlakwe, Marwa Rizky, Aida Karibian, Christine Frechette (Quebec minister of immigration), as well members of the Armenian community in the background

Quebec’s National Assembly Condemns Artsakh Blockade


Special to the Mirror-Spectator/Abaka

QUEBEC CITY, Canada — On Wednesday, February 8, 2023, during a session of the National Assembly of Quebec Province of Canada, Sona Lakhoyan, a member of the Liberal Party, read a resolution condemning the blockade of Artsakh by Azerbaijan, which was adopted by all parties of the National Assembly. One hundred and nine deputies of the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ), Quebec Liberal Party (QLP), Québec solidaire (QS) and Parti Québécois (PQ). unanimously voted for the resolution, without any abstentions.

The resolution was presented at the session by Michelle Setlakwe (QLP), Celine Haytayan (CAQ), Joel Arseneau (PQ) and Haroun Bouazzi (QS) and in this way all the political parties of the National Assembly of the Province of Quebec were co-authors of the resolution. By the decision of the National Assembly, the decision will be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada and the Embassy of Azerbaijan to Canada.

In addition to other contributions, credit should be given to the important background work that was done to support this successful action by Montreal political activist Viken Attarian.

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