Armenian protestors holding signs

Protest Encourages Dutch Parliament Resolution Calling on Azerbaijan to Open Lachin Corridor


THE HAGUE —  A group of Dutch-Armenians kept a three-day silent watch with posters before the Second Chamber (Parliament) of the Netherlands in The Hague in rotating turns from January 17-19 from 09:30 to 18:00 every day (in close to freezing and windy weather).

Armenian protestors with Agnes Mulder, MP from CDA (Christian Democratic Appeal, 4th from left)

The action was organized by the Federation of Armenian Organizations in The Netherlands (FAON). During the watch, some of the MP’s joined the activists.

Armenian protestors with Don Ceder, MP from CU (Christian Union, 3d from left) and Armenian priest Fr. Taron Tadevosyan (4th from the left)

There were two motions by the parties in the Dutch Parliament (Second Chamber) on the Lachin humanitarian crisis: 1. To bring pressure upon Azerbaijan to open the corridor, and 2. To open an airlift to transport humanitarian aid to Artsakh. Almost all speakers emphasized the need for urgent action.

After the argumentations of Minister of Foreign Affairs Whopke Hoekstra, it was decided to take the first motion, i.e. to increase pressure on Azerbaijan, and to put the motion into action together with other European Union member states.

The second motion, on opening of humanitarian airlift, was not sustained. According to the minister, there are legal-technical problems which make the motion impractical at this stage. Besides, it has limited effect, as the real solution is the opening of corridor, for which The Netherlands would do its best.

On January 20, the Dutch Parliament adopted a resolution calling the Dutch government to increase pressure on Azerbaijan to open the Lachin corridor. The motion had been submitted by Don Ceder (Christian Union faction) and cosigned by Agnes Mulder (Christian Democratic Appeal faction).

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The motion states that the blockade of the only access road to Nagorno Karabakh continues and that the humanitarian situation for the population of Nagorno Karabakh is deteriorating as a result thereof, that Azerbaijan has ignored calls to reopen the Lachin Corridor and that Russian peacekeepers do not fulfill the conditions of agreement between Armenia, Azerbaijan and the Russian Federation.

The motion asks the government to investigate, at a European level, how to increase the pressure on Azerbaijan to end the blockade and to involve like-minded EU member states in this process.

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