Dr. Mehmet Oz (photo doctoroz.com)

Turkish-American Senate Candidate Mehmet Oz’s Primary Rival Concedes


WATERTOWN (NYT, Fox, CNN) — Heart surgeon turned television star Dr. Mehmet Oz is now the presumed Republican candidate for the US Senate in Pennsylvania running against current Pennsylvania Democratic Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman, who is convalescing after a stroke on May 13. Oz’s Republican primary opponent Dave McCormick conceded on Friday, June 3 although the recount of votes is still proceeding. Apparently the McCormick campaign realized the recount was not going favorably for it. Oz, a Turkish American who has served in the Turkish military, retains Turkish citizenship, and has Turkish business interests linking him with the Turkish government, has consistently avoided acknowledging the Armenian Genocide.

McCormick pledged to do his part to support Oz in the forthcoming November election. In the meanwhile, the automatic recount required by the Pennsylvania electoral code continues. Results will be submitted to the state by June 8.

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