Signs on the window of Aram’s Café (photo Facebook page of Aram’s Café)

Aram’s Café in Belmont Definitively Closes after Oil Spill


BELMONT, Mass. (Facebook) — According to an April 28 post on the Facebook page of Aram’s Café, the café has announced it is closed for good after 35 years. An accidental oil spill on January 19, 2022 caused the café owned by Aram Postaljian to close indefinitely. Postaljian was planning to sell the business and retire prior to the incident. It is unclear whether he was able to sell the business after the oil damage.

A photo posted on the café’s Facebook account of a handwritten poster on its storefront window reads: “Thank you Cubby Oil Company for destroying my 35 years of hard work in 3 minutes!”

Meanwhile, the following message was directed on Aram Café’s Facebook to the customers of the café: “To our loyal customers, from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU. Thank you for your loyalty, for the friendships, for the laughs, and all the amazing memories. This was not how we expected our story to end. But nevertheless, we are so grateful for every single day of the last 35 years for the opportunity to serve you and this wonderful community. May you always remember Aram’s with happy memories and full stomachs.”

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