Center: Alan Zartarian, Golf Chairman; From left, Ken Minasian, Ken Bogosian, Charlie Ajootian, Stephan Kanarian, David Papazian and Richard Papazian

Ararat Association of Rhode Island Makes More than $500,000 in Donations


PROVIDENCE, R.I. — This past August, the Ararat Association of Rhode Island hosted its 33rd annual Armenian Invitation Tournament, which proved to be the most successful in the organization’s history.

From its beginning in 1983, the Ararat Association’s purpose was primarily social and fraternal when six native Rhode Island Armenian professionals came together to form what is now known as the Ararat Association of Rhode Island. These individuals set out to participate in their community on a non-sectarian basis by forming a not-for-profit entity. Its main purpose was to cultivate professional, social and cultural interaction amongst its founding members and the Rhode Island Armenian community at large.

The Ararat Association members are Charles J. Ajootian, K. Kenneth Bogosian, Stepan P. Kanarian, Kenneth R. Minasian, H. David Papazian, Richard K. Papazian and its Chairman- Alan G. Zartarian

In early spring of 1988, the group would sponsor its inaugural golf tournament to promote sportsmanship, fellowship and social interaction within the Armenian community. These initial goals were exceeded beyond all expectations and resulted in an extremely successful community and financial event for the Association. With this financial success, the Association found its real mission: to return all its event profits to various local Armenian organizations. Now thirty-eight years from its founding, the Ararat Association of RI is proud to report it has provided over $500,000 of donations to more than 50 Rhode Island Armenian organizations and causes.

A partial list of recipients of The Ararat Association donations are the following:

Charles Yaghoobian Scholarship Fund, Armenian Students Association, Armenian Martyrs Committee, Martyrs Youth Day, Husenig Foundation, Armenian Chorale, Hamazkayin, Homenetmen, Knights of Vartan, Armenian Saints Softball Team, Nazali and Siroun Dance Groups, ACYOA Juniors and Seniors, AYF Juniors and Seniors, White Cross Project, Armenian Radio Hour, Armenian Historical Association of RI, Youth Soccer and Basketball, Mourad School Dance Costumes, ARS Ani Chapter, 100th Anniversary of the Genocide, Women of 1915 Event, and Armenian Library and Museum.

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In addition, the organizations of the Armenian Evangelical, Sts. Sahag and Mesrob and Sts. Vartanantz Armenian Churches include: Sunday Schools, Armenian Schools, Senior Citizens Bible Camp, Bible Camp Scholarships, Christian Education Committee, Church Cultural Committees, Bazaars, Picnics, Christmas and Easter Donations, Christmas Altar Flowers and multiple Thanksgiving and Christmas food certificates for individual parishioners.


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