Border Demarcation in Voskepar Will Be Painful


YEREVAN — Discussions about border demarcation are becoming increasingly heated in Armenia. According to some experts, the demarcation may turn very unfavorable for Armenia if the latest Soviet-era maps are used. Tavush Province, for example, will be a part of this process, as there are some Azerbaijani enclaves there. The Mirror-Spectator contacted Voskan Sargsyan, a journalist from Tavush who is a public figure, on this topic.

Voskan Sargsyan and a panorama of Voskepar

He related that on December 7, the head of one of the road construction companies of Tavush came to Voskepar Village and revealed that an alternative road through the mountains was planned between Kirants and Voskepar.

“They were looking for vacant homes in Voskepar in which road construction workers might live. Voskepar administrative head Serop Makhsudyan said that he had heard about the building of a new road but did not know anything definite. Let me add that a Russian Federation Demarcation Committee has arrived in Armenia, which under the leadership of General Muradov is going to carry out demarcation of the border,” specified Sargsyan. Alluding to the concession of the enclaves, he concluded, “Demarcation and delineation in Voskepar will be very painful. A few days ago, a cartographer informed me that the administrative area of Yukhari Askipara (Upper Voskepar), in the past an Azerbaijani enclave above the village of Voskepar in the community of Noyemberyan of Tavush Province, comprised 2,650 hectares, while the administrative area of Voskepar Village was 1,250 hectares. Moreover, the most fertile, flat expanses, the most valuable lands belong to Yukhari Askipara (Upper Voskepar). It is not clear which maps the General Staff of the Russian Federation will use for border lineation and demarcation. The residents of Voskepar at present are engaged in keeping large and small cattle. By handing over the territories of Upper Voskepar, the possibilities for keeping livestock in villages near the border will be severely reduced.”

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