Letter to the Editor: The Most Important Election in American History


To the editor,

I had no intention of expressing my political opinions in print this time around, but after watching the nomination hearings for Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court I feel compelled to do so. I’d like to address that issue first before expounding on the upcoming election since the radical left has made such a political issue of it. To be clear, even Justice Ginsberg said that it isn’t unconstitutional for a sitting president to nominate someone to the Supreme Court during an election year. She was also against packing the Supreme Court a strong possibility that Biden will do if elected. When asked if that’s his intention Biden said ‘the American voters don’t deserve to know’. ’I will tell them if I’m elected’. Whether or not you like President Trump, you have to agree that he’s the most transparent President in history.

I realize all too well that we humans are creatures of habit. We oftentimes become carbon copies of our parents and even emulate their politics. However the Democrat Party today has been radicalized by the extreme far left. In the past most Presidents were centrists so no harm no foul if the person you voted for didn’t win as there was always the next election when things would probably go your way…..but not this time. This presidential election isn’t between a Republican and a Democrat but between Progressive Socialism and the Republic of the United States of America. This election is between President Trump who wants to preserve the fundamentals upon which our country was founded as opposed to the radical left led by Biden, a Trojan Horse, who will be manipulated by those radicals who have spent millions trying to put him into power to fulfill their goal of changing America fundamentally. Some examples of Biden’s wish list : open borders; lifting the ban on immigration from Muslim countries even those flagged for terrorism, giving health care to illegal aliens and putting them on fast track for citizenship; eliminating the electoral college ; making D.C. and Puerto Rico states; defund the police; locking down America economically; allow late term abortions.

It’s extremely important that this time the facts/platform/accomplishments matter and not the personalities. Someone’s personality is just window dressing but his accomplishments are what matter and what defines him and qualifies him to be President.

In the three plus years that Trump has been President, he has accomplished 289 things for America, more than any other President, because unlike others who are globalists, Trump puts America first. I encourage you to google President Trump’s Accomplishments or you can google Mark Simone, Louise Simone’s son and Alex Manoogian’s grandson who also listed them for all to see. You’ll have to do your own homework because the media which has become an arm of the Democrat Party won’t tell you the facts because the numerous positives and accomplishments of President Trump don’t suit their Liberal mindset. AND NO!…BIDEN JUST LIKE OBAMA AND EVERY OTHER PRESIDENT EXCEPT REAGAN WILL NOT RECOGNIZE THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES HE PLEDGES TO DO SO. How many times will Armenians allow themselves to be fooled by the same false empty promise? And shame also on Armenian Democrat politicians as well as high profile Democrat Armenians who are making false promises to our people to get votes for someone like Biden. My concluding thoughts:                                                                  Free speech has always been the cornerstones of a free country . Unfortunately opposition positions in America have encountered rebuke by self – righteous , sanctimonious , and oftentimes hypocritical elitist ideologues with selective memory and ethics. Just look at our colleges/universities where Liberals are allowed to speak but Conservatives are banned. But, there is too much at stake this time to remain silent.I encourage everyone to be an educated voter. It can’t be business as usual . Our country’s future is at stake.

Adrienne Alexanian

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