Minister of High Technological Industry of Armenia Hakob Arshakyan

Armenia, China Facilitate Cargo Transportation at Bilateral Talks


YEREVAN (Armenpress) — Conducting cargo transportation from Armenia to China and vice versa without any logistic problem is becoming closer to reality. The issue was included in the agenda of the Armenian delegation’s visit to China led by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

Minister of High Technological Industry of Armenia Hakob Arshakyan, who was also in the Armenian delegation during the China visit, recently spoke about the topic.

“During the visit we discussed the issue that Armenia and China should have a transportation agreement according to which the Armenian carriers will be able to depart for China, and the Chinese carriers to Armenia. We do not have such an agreement with China, and in fact certain difficulties, logistic problems, emerge. There is a concrete agreement that we are moving on the path of signing a deal. The draft agreement is ready, and we are in contact with the Chinese side through our foreign ministry in order to sign the agreement,” the minister said, adding that during the visit a meeting was held with the two major Chinese companies — CCCC (China Communications construction company) and China railway.

Among a number of important meetings of the PM’s delegation, the minister highlighted the meeting with the Chinese Transportation Minister during which they discussed considering Armenia’s North-South project as part of the Chinese One Belt One Road project.

“The issue was being discussed for our project not only to be viewed as a program linking Armenia’s north and south, but also connecting the countries of the Persian Gulf and Black Sea basin. Serious discussions were held, and the Chinese side expressed readiness to consider the North-South project as part of the One Belt One Road project, and therefore, to implement cooperation programs with the Armenian side,” he added.

As for the technological sector, the cooperation directions in communication and technologies were discussed during the meeting with China’s minister of communication and industry. The Armenian minister informed that the One Belt One Road project includes a spatial information corridor project which consists of several parts. The first part operates via Russia’s territory which supposes huge infrastructure of digital connections and joins Europe.

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“The other part is planned for Afghanistan and Iran. And now its continuation is being discussed: they should decide whether this spatial corridor should pass through Turkey, Azerbaijan or Armenia. I have introduced our opportunities to the minister,” Arshakyan said.

“We are at discussions stage. Why this is important? Armenia should not be viewed as a small island, but as a region where our country will be integrated into many directions and programs as much as possible by increasing its role,” he added.

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