From left, Dr. Aida Yavshayan, Masis Parunyan, Vatche Der Torossian, Nathan Kibarian, Maral Der Torossian, Sossy Yogurtian, Sarkis Gavlakian and Armen Adourian

Tekeyan Boston Chapter Organizing Activities, Welcomes New Members


WATERTOWN — The Tekeyan Cultural Association (TCA) recently reconstituted its greater Boston chapter after a series of meetings. The chapter is based in Watertown and uses the facilities of the Baikar Building, where the North American headquarters for TCA is located.

The chapter on April 10 elected as its chair Dr. Aida Yavshayan. The vice chair is Masis Parunyan, secretary Vatche Der Torossian, treasurer Sossy Yogurtian and vice treasurer Maral Tanielian Der Torossian. Other executive members include Nathan Kibarian, Sarkis Gavlakian and Armen Adourian.

Chapter members helped organize the recent visit of the UCLA VEM Ensemble to the Boston area. TCA Boston is organizing an evening with California novelist Aris Janigian, with poet and editor Susan Barba as presenter at the Armenian General Benevolent Union New England Center in Watertown on May 15 at 7:30 p.m.

Tekeyan was an active presence in Boston community life for many years, promoting Armenian literature, music, theater, and other aspects of culture. Hopefully it will be able to do even more in the future, while working with all the other wonderful organizations in the area. The local chapter will be able to participate in programs brought by the TCA Central Board to different parts of the United States and benefit from the presence of the TCA headquarters, as well as of the Armenian Mirror-Spectator which TCA supports.

To make all of this possible, TCA Boston is looking for new members of all ages and welcomes new ideas from the community. Several other cultural and culinary events are being planned for this year.

For more information about the Boston chapter and its activities, contact For more information about TCA in general, email or call 617 924 4455.

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