Armenia Artsakh Fund Shipped 5.6 Million US Dollars Aid October-December 2017


Glendale, Calif. – The Armenia Artsakh Fund (AAF) delivered over 5.6 million US dollars’ worth of humanitarian assistance to Armenia and Artsakh during the fourth quarter of 2017.

The AAF itself collected 5.5 million dollars’ worth of medicines and other supplies donated by Americares ($4 million) and Direct Relief ($1.5 million). Other contributors of valuable goods during this period included Dr. George Katcherian of California ($99,000) and Birthlink of UK ($29,000).

During 2017, the AAF shipped to Armenia 25 million dollars’ worth of humanitarian aid to Armenia and Artsakh. In the past 28 years, including its shipments under its predecessor, the United Armenian Fund, the AAF has delivered to Armenia and Artsakh a grand total of 766 million dollars’ worth of relief supplies on board 158 airlifts and 2,376 sea containers.

“The Armenia Artsakh Fund is regularly offered free of charge millions-of-dollars’ worth of lifesaving medicines and medical supplies. All we have to do is pay for the shipping expenses. We would welcome your generous donations to be able to continue delivering this valuable assistance to all medical centers in Armenia and Artsakh,” Harut Sassounian, AFF president, stated.

For more information, call the AAF office at (818) 241-8900 or email

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