Lisa Kouchakdjian in her Sudbury, Massachusetts, kitchen

Love On A Plate – Armenia Launches Streaming Version of Videos


SUDBURY, Mass. – Raised in a traditional Armenian home in the greater Boston area, Lisa Kouchakdjian learned early on how to make traditional Armenian foods by watching her parents and grandparents. As time went on, Kouchakdjian found many who enjoyed the meals, but never learned how to make them. In 2014, Kouchakdjian launched Love On A Plate – Armenia, dedicated to helping people maintain their Armenian identity through food. She developed a line of videos demonstrating how to make Armenian food.

Kouchakdjian has innovated traditional recipes by teaching time saving techniques and by visually demonstrating how to prepare these foods, something that traditional cookbooks cannot provide. Kouchakdjian has now released a streaming version of the videos on her website

Although Love On A Plate still sells the DVD versions of the videos on its website, the streaming version is a preferred option for many. Kouchakdjian stated that “streaming allows customers the ability to access any recipe in the Love On A Plate library anywhere and at any time.” Customers are able to stream all recipes directly to their mobile device or computer by downloading a free App and subscribing on the Love On A Plate website. Monthly and yearly subscriptions are available. The App also allows customers to gift the subscriptions. Kouchakdjian has expanded the ways people can learn these traditional, healthy Armenian dishes by now offering cooking parties at private homes, conducting cooking demonstrations and teaching Armenian cooking classes. Kouchakdjian stated. “Love On A Plate is more than just teaching people how to cook. We are celebrating and educating Armenians and non-Armenians about Armenia’s beautiful culture and history. Helping grow and extend our culture has truly been a labor of love.”

Kouchakdjian is a wife and mother of four children living in Sudbury, Massachusetts, where she also sits on the town’s School Committee.

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