A meeting of the All Russian Azerbaijani Conference

Azerbaijani MFA Deeply Concerned over Dissolution of All-Russian Azerbaijani Congress


BAKU (Armenpress) — The decision of the Supreme Court of Russia to dissolve the All-Russian Azerbaijani Congress has caused a serious stir in Azerbaijan, Azerbaijani minval.az reports.

“We assess the decision of Russia’s Supreme Court an unfriendly step towards Azerbaijan,” Azerbaijani MFA spokesperson Hikmat Hajiyev said, adding, “We consider this a negative step from the perspective of Azerbaijani-Russian relations and cultural dialogue between the two states.”

Taking advantage of the situation, Hikmat Hajiyev blamed Armenians for interfering in Russian-Azerbaijani relations.

“We come to the conclusion that the Russian-Armenian Diaspora is able to have a serious influence on Russia’s foreign and domestic policy,” Hajiyev said, adding that the developments of the recent years show how the Armenians are able to impact on Russian-Azerbaijani relations.

According to the Azerbaijani MFA spokesperson, the dissolution of the All-Russian Azerbaijani Congress is a support to the Union of Armenians in Russia. The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, upholding the claim of the Ministry of Justice of Russia, made a decision on May 15 to dissolve the body. The reason given was that the charter of the organization did not meet the requirements of the Russian legislation. The organization had been established in 2001.

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