Aleppo Provincial Council Repairing Eastern City Neighborhoods


ALEPPO ( – The Aleppo Provincial Council in its routine meeting examined a series of issues concerning the province, especially aid to the families of Syrian martyrs and the reconstruction of the city.

The council members proposed to the provincial governor the restoration of electric service and if necessary the installation of electricity producing equipment in the neighborhoods retaken from the rebel forces. In order to ease the return of the inhabitants of the eastern neighborhoods, they also demanded restarting the operation of ovens, increasing the quality of bread, and as quickly as possible repairing pipes carrying water.

Aleppo governor Hussein Diab noted that after the restoration of the security of the city and peace, the province prepared a plan for labor priorities and then put it into action. Work continues in cleaning the ruined neighborhoods, organizing transportation and improving the service sector.

Approximately 60 percent of the cleaning of the aforementioned neighborhoods has been completed. Six police stations, two health care centers, and eighteen schools, where already over 4,500 students are studying, have begun to operate in these quarters.


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