Topic: Mental Health

YEREVAN — Accomplishing mental balance and inner peace is much more challenging when navigating historical trauma, which passes through generations, over and over in a vicious circle. In order to[...]

GENEVA/YEREVAN — Refugee children arriving in Armenia are showing signs of severe psychological distress, according to reports from the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) supported social workers providing[...]

PARIS — “Wars may come to an end, but traumas last for a long time thereafter. All wars present the same forms of horror, and they leave survivors with weighty[...]

WATERTOWN — The people of Armenia, like those of many other traditional cultures, tend to shun discussions about mental health and even if they seek help, consider speaking about it[...]

FRESNO — We often hear that music is good for one’s mental health. However we rarely hear this discussed by musicians within the Armenian community. For this reason, the conversation[...]